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1956 Gibson J-45

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I picked this one up in Peoria around 1980. International Harvester was just failing, Caterpillar was shutting factories and folks were loosing jobs, pensions- everything. I bought this from a laid off worker in slightly rough condition. At the time it had the adjustable bridge with the ceramic “saddle” and the tone was just so-so. I had Luthier John Gray replace the bride with a new one built to the specs of the Southern Jumbo (quite thin, less mass in the bridge) and the guitar turned out to be a gem! One of the best recording guitars I’ve ever had; a sweet, bright smooth even tone with great intonation. Interestingly enough, it’s much brighter than the Southern Jumbo, essentially the same guitar without the bling.

On “Saugatuck”, there is some unusual fingering that I needed a wider fretboard to pull off. The baseball bat neck on this one was perfect.

Used on: Saugatuck

Track: Saugatuck