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1956 Gibson ES225 & 1950’s Gibson Discoverer Amp

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I traded an early 60‘s dark cherry red double cutaway Gibson Melody Maker for this guitar. I saw it in a music store in Silvis, IL. I LOVED the cutaway and when I picked it up, it had this amazing sustain even when played unplugged. I just had a gut feeling about this guitar.

I have it set up for slide and it sounds great through the old Gibson Discoverer amp. That thing has serious tremolo!

The 1950s Gibson Discoverer Tremelo amp was in the junk pile at a local music store years ago and I bought because I liked the Tweed cover. At that time nobody wanted old Gibson Amps, but a few new tubes later, it was playing again.  It has a single 12” Jenson speaker that has that beautiful tube overdrive sound at relatively low volume and the best tremelo I’ve ever heard.  It still has it’s original wooden tremelo pedal and the original schematic.

Used on: River Road, Lettie’s song

Track: River Road