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1936 Angelus Dobro round neck spider cone resonator

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One day back in the 80’s my friend Ace Trone called me up and said “Chris, I got a guitar you need to have”. I told him to bring it on over. He showed up a bit later with beat up cardboard case. When he opened it up I replied, “ Yes, Ace, I do need this guitar”.

A 1936 wood body, this would have been a low end Dobro in it’s day but it’s become my #1, on the road, play anywhere, it always works, always sounds good slide guitar. Sturdy enough for road abuse with it’s 3 ply laminated sides, it still has it’s original spider frame and pressed (not spun!) cone.

In 2011 I did a slide workshop at Elderly Instruments and asked the repair department to give it a once over since I was having a problem with the first 2 strings not ringing clearly. The tech hummed and hawed and eventually suggested a wide range of repairs totaling about $750.00. When I got home I took a bone saddle blank and a 1936 Buffalo Nickel and jammed them under the tailpiece, forcing the strings farther down and solving the problem for about $12.00. What can I say, I’m my father’s son.

If you look close, you can see the Buffalo Head nickel jammed under the tailpiece at the treble side.

Used on: Steel Guitar Rag, River Road
Track: Steel Guitar Rag