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1930‘s Del-Oro Mahogany archtop guitar

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When I was dating my wife back in the 1990s, this was her guitar (and technically still is). A gorgeous little Del Oro solid mahogany archtop, the top had split and the arch collapsed with the neck pulling forward. When she wasn’t looking, I stole the guitar, glued and re-enforced the split and carved a new bridge out of persimmon wood that came from an old tree in my yard. I then returned the guitar as a Christmas present.

Checker board binding all around. Pressed arch, beautiful black and white Mother of Toilet seat fingerboard and pick guard. Del Oro was manufactured by Kay, successor to Stromberg-Voisinet and this is perhaps the nicest Del Oro I’ve ever seen.

It’s got a clear, midrangey, honky tone that paired beautifully with the Tenor Lute.

Used on: Farther Along

Track: Farther Along