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1890’s C. A. Potter Criterion rosewood parlor guitar

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This is a beautiful, exceptionally well crafted instrument from a largely unknown builder, C. A. Potter of Cleveland, OH. “The Criterion” model, it has Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, spruce top and delicate X bracing with the curve of the headstock was reflected in a matching curve of the ends of the bridge. A fine piece of vintage craftsmanship in splendid condition.

Jim Baggit at Mass Street Music was intrigued by the guitar and agreed to do the restoration work on it.  Though originally built for gut strings, it was X braced, though very delicately.  He closed a couple splits and reproduced a thinner version of the original bridge (which I still have) and set it up with extra light strings. It sings like a delicate bird.

For this project, I string it up high string style.

Used on: Old Joe Clark, The Last Day of Winter, Saugatuck

Track:  Saugatuck