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Gretsch Uke

Gretsch Uke $130.00


History: My friend and fellow old instrument enthusiast Curtis Teague bought this old Uke at a flea market in terrible condition and gave me the carcass after he took off the vintage tuning machines. The back was loose, the binding coming off, the finish was trashed. It was a mess but it was all there and I wanted to show Curtis I could bring it back to life. I went at it full tilt boogie! Gretsch made these throughout the 30s and 40s. It’s a lovely solid mahogany Soprano uke with black over white binding, top and back.. It seemed like it would be well worth the effort.


Work Done: Removed back and back binding (saved w/ original nut). Glued loose braces, top crack, attached broken pieces of back, re-glued back brace. This instrument was built with no kerfing (one of the reason’s it failed) so I installed mini kerfing in the front and back. RE-attached back and original binding. Neck was loose and I removed the end cap of the fingerboard but the top was put on over the neck joint and I decided not to open it up, but rather, just glued the neck joint back in place. This worked quite well. The bridge (an earlier replacement) was in the wrong place. I removed it, lowered it and re-glued it in the correct location.

Replaced missing tuning gears with a new set, drop filled and French polished extensively damaged finish, but it came back to life very nicely. When it was all polished out and strung up, it had an extremely slinky playability. It has very light strings on it at the moment and bends easily if you push even a bit hard. Beautiful tone.


In good shape, these go for $200.00-$300.00 My price, $130.00.

Email me with any questions vallillo@macomb.com