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Epiphone Dreadnaught Guitar

Epiphone Dreadnaught Guitar $125.00 SOLD

dreadnaught-1This guitar is an Epiphone dreadnaught guitar, model # PR500N, Serial # 805314. This appears to be a 1980‘s model, probably 1988. Laminate Spruce top, Mahogany sides and back.

dreadnaught-2Work Done: The guitar had suffered a broken headstock which had been re-glued but not cleaned up. My original plan was to re-do the glue job, but it turned out to be a very good glue joint, just sloppy. I cleaned off the excess glue, sanded, drop filled and touched up the neck finish, and damage to a small section of the face plate. I replaced the worn plastic saddle and nut with a bone nut and saddle. I adjusted the truss rod, cleaned the fingerboard, set up the guitar and buffed out scratched from the back. Comes with original soft shell case.

dreadnaught-3The guitar plays quite well with easy action and a bright, articulate high end. Loud! A good working mans’ or beginners guitar. $125.00   SOLD