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Washington Style 24 Banjo Uke

1920s-30s Washington, Style 24, Banjo Uke $150.00

Washington Instruments were made for the Jenkins Music Co. of Kansas City, quite probably by Slingerland.  It has all the original parts including friction tuners and the skin head.  Wooden tone ring, original frets in great shape, headstock veneer (possibly ebony), fretboard a non descript, dark fine grained wood, perhaps walnut or pear wood, with diamond inlays   There are three small bug holes in the skin head that do not affect it’s sound or playability.

The hardware was once gold toned, but much of that is worn off.  It’s strung up with Aquila Nylgut Ukulele Strings and has a great, classic banjo uke sound that only gut strings and a skin top will give.

This instrument needed a clean up and set up.  I buffed out the hardware, adjusted and tightened the top, shimmed the neck and replaced on missing tuner screw with an exact, vintage replacement.

John Bianchi had this to say about purchasing vintage Slingerland Banjo Ukes on his website http://ukeonomics.blogspot.com“When properly set up, Slingerland models 24, 25 and 027 and 028 are good, powerful-voiced instruments.  The 023 and outfit 30, with their resonators, are even better.  Expect to pay about $250 for the 24 and 25 and up to $500 or more for the big resonator backed models. “ 

I traded out a repair job for this so I can sell it at a VERY reasonable price, one a working musician can afford!     

Washington Style 24 Banjo Uke     $150.00   No case