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Supertone Tulip Head Mando

Supertone Tulip head Mando $325.00


History: This one was an ebay find. I’d seen them for years and just had to see how they were made! Supertone is the brand name Sears and Roebuck used for their instruments before they changed it to Silvertone. While debate goes on about the actual builder (most say Regal or Lyon and Healy) it’s definitely one of the big Chicago factories from around the 1930s. All original parts and hardware. The “tulip head” section of the body is one solid block of mahogany with a neck slot cut into it.


Work Done: This came with the back already off. I replaced 2 damaged back braces with new and re-used another. Re-glued loose top braces, splinted a crack in top, and glued several side breaks.

Rebound bass side of fingerboard, glued headstock plate back down and shaved down neck to clean up dirt and repair.

Re-set the neck, French polished neck and put light french polish coats on body to seal and cover scratches. Filed and polished frets and fingerboard.


This is a fairly desirable body shape for collectors and plays beautifully. It’s a good player with a very bright, articulate, clear tone. Comes with the original soft shell case.        $325.00

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