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Sovereign “Diamond Trim” Mandolin

Sovereign “Diamond Trim” Mandolin $325.00  SOLD

Very nice mahogany mandolin with the Soveriegn name. Sovereign was the higher-end Oscar Schmidt brand. They also had La Scala, Stell and Hilo (their Hawaiian guitar brand) as well.

Oscar Schmidt vanished around 1940 and the names of their brands were sold to Harmony. You see Harmony releasing new OS-named instruments (Stella and Sovereign) in late 1939. This one looks to be from the 1920’s judging from the style, materials and decorations.


History: I bought this one off ebay quite a few years ago when I was buying mandolins to learn French polishing on (they’re smaller than guitars!). It was in fairly good shape, with a split in the back and loose braces.  It has a beautiful pattern of inlay of white diamonds around the front, back and sound hole. This style detail was also used on their higher end guitars of this era as well.


Work Done: Loose braces glued, and a split on the back repaired. Instrument cleaned, lightly french polished, and set up. Plays well with medium action and has a rich full tone due to the mahogany. No Case.


An even fancier version of the same mandolin (Mother of toilet seat headstock and neck) is going for $895.00 on Gbase. I’ll sell this one for $325.00

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