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Original Hound Dog Resonator Guitar

Original Hound Dog Resonator Guitar $425.00 SOLD

HISTORY:  This one was an eBay find I picked up just before Christmas.  It is an OMI made round neck, Original Hound Dog resonator guitar.  These were made by the Dopyera Brothers, inventors of the original Dobro. The Dopyera brothers started the OMI company making Dobro style guitars in 1967 under the “Hound Dog” brand name after they sold the rights to the dobro name to Semie Moseley from Mosrite guitars.

This was a very good guitar in terrible shape…my favorite kind!  The serial number (D407286O) suggests that it might be a 1986 guitar.
The guitar originally had a bolt on neck that had somehow failed.  Someone tried to repair it by gluing the neck in place, gluing the fingerboard to the top, then using a sheet rock screw for a neck bolt.  It was an epic failure!

The fingerboard split off the neck and tore of veneer on the top (see pic above) and several of the tuners were broken off but other than that, the condition wasn’t too bad.

WORK DONE:  Top veneer repaired and re-tinted, numerous nicks and dings drop filled, guitar lightly french polished.  Fingerboard re-glued, neck joint cleaned,  Two new brass inserts set into neck with new neck bolts.   Several loose inside dowel braces were re-glued.  Neck was re-set, fingerboard cleaned and frets polished.  New tuners and new bone saddle but original nut, spider frame and cone.  This guitar also has what I take to be the original pickup.   It’s pretty weak plugged into an amp, but a pre amp might change that. The bone saddles give this guitar a classic Dobro sound with unusual clarity.  Beautiful fiddleback maple neck.  This is a very nice guitar that plays great!  Low action, excellent  intonation, easy to play, but no buzzes.  A fine finger style resonator guitar.

These sold new for $799.00.  I’ll sell this one for for $425.00.  Sorry, This just sold!