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Sep 28

1950s Gibson 160 E

This is a mid 1950’s Gibson 160 E guitar frequently referred to as the “John Lennon” guitar due to John Paul having a matched set. This one had suffered significant water damage, possibly flood damage. The bridge was pulling off, the top heavily warped beyond playability, the pick guard coming off, but with the top …

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Dec 09

Harmony Monterey H417 Mandolin

This is a Harmony Monterey H417 mandolin in it’s faux Alligator original case. These were made between the late 1930’s and the 1970‘s and have solid spruce tops (pressed) and solid maple back and sides. This one appears to be a very early model. Judging from the style of the headstock and name lettering, as …

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Jun 25

Latest additions

Here are a couple of the latest additions to the “finished”pile. I’ll add more details later. This is a 30’s to 40’s era mahogany Gretsch Ukelele. This is currently for sale on the Orphan Instruments page. Here’s a “Tulip Head Mandolin, probably from Regal in the 20’s. This one’s nice!~ Clear, bright tone, easy action. This …

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