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UPDATE:  On July the 13th I testified before the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability against the closing of Dickson Mounds Museum.  The Director of the DNIMG_1873R, Wayne Rosenthal spoke first and was seriously questioned by the committee which noted the lack of professionalism of the application and overall weakness of his argument.  There are numerous news reports on the web, google it if you are interested.  The long and short of it is this: we still don’t know if the museum system will be shut down or not.  Public opinion is clearly against it, but the politics of the situation is beyond our control.

I’ll keep you updated on the Hickory Ridge page as I know more.   Unless you hear otherwise from me via email or this website, assume we will be holding our concerts at the Museum.

We had an excellent turn out and show last week!  The Sweet Potatoes did a GREAT show and we had the best turn out in months!


   chicagotribune.com“Staying on the Vanguard of Folk”    3/23/14

Chris and Bucky Halker are performing April 5th at the Pullman Historic Site on the Far South Side Chicago. In advance of that show, Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune wrote a fine article about Chris, Bucky, with a bit of history behind folk music in Chicago and the Pullman Historic Site. Click the picture to the left to read the full article. The show will begin at 3:00pm, April 5th… and you can view more details about the show here.

The Last Day of Winter

The Last Day of Winter

CD Available Now!

Here are two tracks from my newest CD, The Last Day of Winter.  The Water is Wide is the timeless Americana melody performed bottleneck slide style on a custom 9 string parlor guitar while Bloody Williamson felt like a fitting track for the coming Halloween holiday.  Listen or download to the tracks below on me, then you can browse over to SoundCloud to  listen to other select tracks from previous CDs… Or, you can just click the CD cover to the left and order your own copy of The Last Day of Winter.

Hickory Ridge Schedule Updated

If you’re looking for information on the artists performing during the Hickory Ridge Concert Series… This is the place to find it!  Bookmark the Hickory Ridge Concert Series page and keep up to date with every show in the series. That’s also where you’ll find all the information you need in regards to tickets and our venue, The Dickson Mounds Museum.

Reviews are coming in for The Last Day of Winter!

Read what Gary Tuber at examiner.com had to say about the album.
Jonathan Aird of Americana UK had that to say about the new CD.
Illinois Entertainer included a review of LDoW in their March 2013 edition of Around Hear.
And here’s one from the March/April 2013 issue of Maverick Magazine.
Tom Irwin at the Illinois Times had some nice words to say about me recently.

Expanded Liner Notes and Guitar Pictures

I have compiled an expanded version of the liner notes for The Last Day of Winter, that include not only notes on the songs themselves… but also notes on the myriad of instruments that were used while recording the CD.  The instrument descriptions   include hi-resolution photos that allow you to get up close and personal with the guitars, mandolins, amplifiers, and other musical tools that were used to craft The Last Day of Winter.  Click the link below to visit the Expanded Liner Notes Page and explore the finer points of The Last Day of Winter.

[Visit the Expanded Liner Notes]